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Friday, July 2, 2010

Response to Albert Burtis Workshop in New York

Hi Albert,
I so appreciated being at your workshop and understand the frustration of the hit and run Master Class. Just wanted to let you know that one of your exercises (the breathing in on "aw" and thinking of the lungs being in the lower abs had an immediate and stunning effect on a brand new student of mine yesterday. I had never met this young lady but could immediately tell that although she has been working most of her adult life as a professional musical theater and pop singer, her larynx was stuck waaaay up throughout her singing and that her voice was sounding much too young for her chronological age. So we just played a little "aw" game (luckily this was a very flexible and open minded singer) and immediately she was able to produce sounds she had never made in her life and the feeling of release and relaxation she felt were astonishing. So . . . don't ever feel that you have had no effect in helping people sing more beautifully, easily, and clearly. You have indirectly helped my new student enormously.
Thanks once again.
Joan Barber

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