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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back in the Blog

Yikes!  It's been ages since I wrote anything.  What a strange summer it was and how detached I felt from the world of singing.  Of course many voice teachers who work with young people experience a drop off of attendance at lessons and many plan ahead by going to workshops, going on vacations, performing in summer theatre or opera companies, etc.  This summer was a little different for me.  Rather than performing in "stock" or studying with a great master teacher, I along with my boyfriend and two other friends set about producing, writing, directing and acting in a web series that just made its debut.  It's called "50 to Death" and is about the lives of three "boomers" and their attempt to joust with the 21st Century.  The web address is ""  I've never been a producer/writer/actor before and it's pretty scary and very exciting.  The marketing aspect of all of this is teaching me new things every day.  And it makes me more grateful than ever that fall has come and with it the opportunity to return to the solace of music and teaching, which feel so pure and sure in their special way.  If you are a reader of this blog and would like to go to "50todeath" I guarantee a laugh.  I promise the next post here will be about singing.   

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Erin C. said...

Welcome back, Superstar!